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Who, me?  I’m a writer, artist, and (with apologies to Kosei Miya who invented the term) Romaniac. That should be fairly self-explanatory but if not, it means that I like to see myself as one of a select flock of fans who love Romania because of the sense of freedom it has given us. There are a few other things that make it special too, such as its deep culture, its generous people, and its fabulous landscapes (keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t become literally fabulous because of predatory loggers, miners, land-grabbers and other scum of the earth). At the moment, I live in Wales, where ‘progress’ has already taken its toll but enough mad environmentalists remain to stop the others feeling lonely.

My main project of the moment is a book about semi-nomadic Romanian shepherds and their travels in Ukraine, Russia and the Caucasus.  

For more information about that, please go to this page, and follow the links.  You’ll also find various posts about it on my blog, Carpathian Sheep Walk.  And for those who love multiculturalism and hate Ukip, I’ve got another blog called Romanians in Britain.

New sheepskin cloaks hanging from the attic

in Constantin Vîngârzan’s