Caroline Juler

Oh, hello! Welcome to my website. This is where I'll be posting links to some of my films, articles and images, writing my blog and giving you a proper, grown-up contact form.


Nothing here yet. Sorry. Except that you could have a look at this one:
Carpathian Sheep Walk (Google Blogspot)

and if you've really nothing better to do, here is its follow up which is more recent but doesn't have such good pictures:
Carpathian Sheep Walk (Wordpress)

From around 2007, I was in Romania researching shepherding traditions and the way that in the distant past, Romanian herdsmen and women from the mountain areas of Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia would walk hundreds of miles (kms, yes I know), sometimes crossing national boundaries, to graze their sheep on better grass in the winter months. It's fashionable to be interested in this stuff, but it is really fascinating imho, and if I can add my pennorth to a world study of transhumance, I'd be delighted.