Hello, I'm Caroline Juler and this is my website. It's a place where I'll put links to my current projects, which range from film-making and writing to painting and carving.

Alpay Torgut, one of the garden's founders, talks about his vision. 18 mins.
Emma Biddle, a medical herbalist, shares her enthusiasm for foods that grow wild in most of our gardens. 13 mins.
Justine of West Wales Willows shows Brynberian's community gardeners how to make a fedge. 1 min.
A group of community gardeners in west Wales get together to promote pollinator-safe plants. 9 mins.
A short update on work in the garden during Covid.
Romanian anthropologist and sheep farmer, Marcu Jura, tells us about the vivid folk beliefs he's discovered in the Carpathian Mountains. 3 mins.
Two escapees from Essex share their enthusiasm for the simple life on an extinct volcano in Pembrokeshire.
One woman walking with a Peace Flame uses her personality to win others over. Set in Wales and Italy. 33 mins.
A Syrian refugee comes to Eglwyswrw. Fictional short made during a BTEC media course. 6 mins.
An update to the first film about Cardigan's Community Forest Garden.
A bunch of locals get together to realise their dreams for a small community garden on the Preseli Hills.
Al dreams of becoming a boat builder, but first he has to create his own mobile home.
Shepherding traditions have a special place in Romanian folklore. Here we see and hear what a handful of practising sheep farmers make of their lives in post-communist Romania.